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In the shed

Our collection contains items from all aspects of Guernsey’s past, including traditional Guernsey carts, a range, homewares, vintage vehicle accessories, as well as farming, quarrying and growing implements. Take a look at the back of the shed to visit items from the past!

If you would like to book a group in to see some of the items visit our Learning page or email us!

Object donation form

If you want to donate an object to our collection we would love to hear from you! Unfortunately we can’t accept every item offered but we’re always interested in filling gaps in our collection so please get in contact if you want to find a new home for your old items.

Please quote this item name in any email correspondence in regards to this form.
Objecct description: materials, size, why you think the object is significant. Please send any images to and quote your 'Simple item name'
How did you come into possesion of this object? What is the object's history? Where is it from? How long have you had it? Has this item been part of anything notable?

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