Our first Autumn on the Farm!

Thank you to everyone who came down to the farm on the weekend, we hope you enjoyed yourselves and we hope to see you again soon! 

At our biggest event yet we had loads going on: along with all of the lovely animals getting to meet everyone, Meg had her big open day debut; we had the return of the story tree; some printmaking fun using tractors and farm animals to create some brilliant artwork; lots of lovely stalls with some great locally created items; plenty of tractors for you all to sit on and imagine being a farmer driving around the farm; the Golden Guernsey Goat Farm let two of their beautiful kids have a sleepover so they could say hello to you all; if you tried your luck at the Lucky Dip this year we hope you enjoyed hunting for concurs in our bucket of leaves and enjoyed your prize; we had a photographer holding special Autumnal photoshoots at the farm; the Hobby Donkeys made themselves at home on the farm, with their own dedicated paddock to rid around with them in; we were also able to use British Sign Language signs around the farm for the first time which we are really excited about and hope to expand our collection with some SignAlong signs next.

Unfortunately due to the drought this summer our pumpkins didn’t grow as well as they did last year so we didn’t have many for you all to take home and carve but we did see some people leaving with some very cute pumpkin pals! With the weather we had on the weekend it can almost seem like the long hot summer days were ages ago but the lack of pumpkins are a good reminder that the weather affects us in lots of different ways, the weather this year has made it incredibly difficult for many farmers to produce the volume of crops they would normally, especially if they are organic like we are and want to ensure harmony with the natural world. 

Thank you to everyone who came to support the farm, visitors, friends and family – we couldn’t do it without your support! A special thank you to Tessa Lucas for the beautiful pictures taken at our event this year, the photos you can see really show the fun everyone was having and it’s always lovely to see, we’d love to see any photos you have of your family enjoying the farm so make sure to tag us if you put them online @HeritageFarmGG

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